Our Ambitions

The One Meal Team is working hard to improve our reach within Sydney and surrounding areas. We are working to establish additional meal services within existing service areas as well as growing into new areas. We are working to build on our One Meal Medical Aid Program with an aim to include all of our service locations.

We are also working to improve the links we have with other service providers so as to ensure that we take advantage of collaborative opportunities for the benefit of our patrons.

We are doing this in consultation with Government and Non-Government Organisations, to ensure our services are appropriately located and targeted in terms of services offered. This will enable us to maximise the benefit we are able to provide.

Our strategy in the longer-term includes establishing ourselves in a number of regional centres before expanding inter-state. Our eventual goal is to have a national presence, however we are not simply seeking to cover the map. Our broader expansion will take our service model to areas where a clear need exists for the services we provide. Of course, our expansion decisions will also be influenced by the partnership arrangements we are able to form.

Wherever One Meal operates, both now and into the future, we will operate with strong ethics and integrity. We will endeavour to provide healthy nutritious meals and a range of human services to the homeless and underprivileged people in our communities. Our focus will remain on both providing for the immediate needs of our patrons and also on advancing the well-being, outlook on life and prospects for the future independence of our patrons.

On the Drawing Board

We are also exploring the possibility of providing crisis accommodation for victims of domestic violence and those experiencing homelessness. This would be a substantial extension of scope for One Meal and would require a significant change in our funding model. Whilst this idea is in its very early stages, we are encouraged by the indications of corporate support received thus far.
If you share our vision and would like to Make a Difference, we would love to hear from you. Contact us here.


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