Our Constitution

One Meal is an incorporated association governed by a Constitution. Our Constitution is the governing document, or set of rules, that sets out our organisation’s charitable purpose/s as well as how it is managed and run. Our Constitution sets out certain rights, roles and responsibilities of board directors and members, and rules which govern various internal management activities such as meetings of the members and the board. It is a formal document that describes the charity’s basic structure and processes, and states how the governing body (such as its Board) is formed, how it makes decisions and consults members.

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     Constitution – One Meal Final 8 May 2023

Our Constitution 2023 provides a stable, compliant and effective platform for the running of the organisation. It also provides a pathway to membership and to nomination for board roles for those volunteers who are interested in this.

Membership aims to extend voting rights to those who are contributing in a significant way to the running of the organisation. Membership also provides a pathway for nomination for a Board role for those with the interest, time and ability to become more involved in the leadership and decision-making of the organisation.  

Our Constitution specifies a set of Membership Criteria (that also form Part  A of the Membership Application Form). These criteria must be met for a volunteer to be eligible for membership. The membership criteria are intended to ensure voting rights are limited to those making a significant contribution to the organisation. 

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Our One Meal Constitution is the governing document that sets out our organisation’s charitable purpose, as well as how it is managed and run.

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