Help Us Make a Difference

The weekly meal services and hampers provided by One Meal, as well as our street level first aid programs directly benefit the lives of many of Sydney’s less fortunate.

To provide these services, One Meal relies on the support of many individual and business partners. We appreciate the contributions made by all of our sponsors and we would love to have your support.

We also appreciate food donations (perishables subject to strict food safety requirements) and would love to be beneficiary of your Fundraiser. Please read on for more information.

Please remember… Your support will Make a Difference !


One Meal utilises the ‘Give Now’ online donation platform, delivered commission free by the ‘Our Community Foundation’, a not-for-profit foundation that supports other not-for-profits. This ensures your entire donation helps to Make a Difference.

Donors will be issued with a receipt automatically and a tax record will be sent to the email address provided at the end of the financial year.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Click the banner above or visit

Thank you !

Alternatively our bank details are:

One Meal – It Makes a Difference Inc.
Westpac Banking Corporation

BSB: 032-718
Account: 390606


One Meal would be happy to be beneficiary of your fundraising activities. Please contact One Meal to via contacts link to register your event / fundraising activity.

Things to note:

  • One Meal will not be liable for loss, damage or injury sustained in relation to your fundraising activity
  • The use of the “One Meal” name and/or logo must be approved prior to use in materials used to promote your activity (this is to protect the One Meal Brand) – Please seek approval via email.
  • Fundraisers should make clear their intent regarding funds raised – ie: a pledged amount per item sold; or a percentage of takings pledged to go to One Meal – It Makes a Difference

Funds raised should be forwarded to One Meal as soon as practicable after your event (via the Give Now platform or by alternative arrangements).

Food Donations

One Meal is happy to accept ad hoc donations of non-perishable items, such as tins from your pantry, or packaged food items. Dependent on location, we may be able to collect donated items. These items will be provided to the needy directly, or incorporated in meals at our meal services.

Donated items must be sealed in its original packaging with labelling and used by dates etc intact.

To support and encourage businesses to donate food to charitable organisations (such as One Meal) legislation is in place providing indemnity for companies that donate safe food.

To ensure food safety standards are maintained, One Meal can only offer to collect food from donors and offer protection to the donor if the following conditions have been met:

Food suitable for collection

  • The food must be safe to eat when it leaves the possession or control of the donor
  • The donor gives One Meal any information it needs to have to ensure the ongoing safety of the food
  • Care has been taken when handling, storing and packing food
  • High Risk Food is stored in clean, covered food-grade containers
  • High risk foods such as: meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products and small goods, or foods which contain these ingredients, such as sandwiches, quiches and prepared salads, are kept below 5°C or above 65°C and out of the Temperature Danger Zone
  • The food is to be collected by One Meal in the shortest possible time
  • High-risk food left in the Temperature Danger Zone for more than 4 hours has been discarded
  • Everyone involved in handling donated food has maintained the highest standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness
  • The food container is labelled with the appropriate information required: product name, date prepared, use-by-date and where possible, ingredients
  • The food will be in an edible state in 48 hours-time from collection
  • “Use by” dates must have at least 4 days life remaining
  • “Best Before” dates must have at least 4 days life remaining for refrigerated items
  • “Best Before” dates may only be up to 3 months past for dry goods and providing the food is still fit for consumption

For that is NOT suitable for collection

  • Food past its “Used by date”
  • Refrigerated food past its “Best Before” date
  • Dry goods that are 3 months past the “Best Before” date
  • Food that is damaged or perished to an extent that affects it reasonable use
  • Leaking or unsealed products
  • Cracked or broken eggs
  • High risk items
  • Food with visible mould or contamination
  • Refrigerated items not stored and maintained at less than 5°C
  • Frozen items not stored and maintained at less than minus 15°C
  • Food that has been left in a bain-marie
  • Foods that have been served to the public on a buffet and/or unwrapped and exposed

To enquire about donating food please call us on 0430 337 057 or contact us via email.