Fundraise For Us

Fundraising can be a whole lot of fun and it’s a fantastic way to have a positive impact on the lives of so many people doing it tough in our communities. There are many ways you can fundraise for OneMeal – we’ve got a few suggestions here, but please don’t let us limit your imagination – we’d love to hear your ideas for fundraising!

You can fundraise for us:

  • At school
  • At home
  • At work
  • While getting fit/active, or 
  • By just doing your own thing!!

Get together with your family, friends or colleagues to raise funds and Make A Difference today.

Host a ‘Dinner with A Difference’ – invite friends/colleagues for dinner, or a BBQ, pot-luck, fondue, soup night, working lunch, traditional/international food night, or whatever works for you and your culinary inclinations – charge a “cover fee” that is donated to One Meal (your fee could be a token or right up to what they would have paid in a top restaurant – it’s for a good cause after all!!)

Organise a ‘Play with Purpose’ event – whether its a trivia night at school, or adult poker night with work mates, or garden games with the neighbourhood kids – charge a gold coin per game, or $5 a hand, or $1 for every wrong answer, or whatever is appropriate for your audience – all proceeds donated to One Meal (and if your besties want to give a bit more, organise a raffle or whatever, good on them – it’s for a good cause after all!!)

Get Your Guernsey On – gather your club, sports team, or fan clan and get a sweepstake going on results, goals scored, winners, losers, players, umpires/refs, fouls or whatever you like to get excited about – a couple of bucks a sweep with the proceeds all donated to One Meal and your team will be cheering louder than ever – it’s for a good cause after all!!

Donate Your Special Day – mark the days that are most important to you by giving back to those in need. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or a day in memory of someone special – you can ask your family, friends and colleagues to donate to OneMeal instead of giving gifts (of course if they want to give you a gift too, that’s cool – it’s for a good cause after all!!) 

Funny Hat, Sock, or Hair Day – get your school or club onboard with something that’s easy and fun for everyone – ask for a gold coin donation for “funny xxx entry” and donate the proceeds to One Meal (even better if the teachers/chairman dress up too – it’s for a good cause after all!!)

GET ACTIVE – join an existing event, or make your own to support your fitness goals. Doing 10,000 steps a day at 1c a step – well wow! Whatever your measure, get your supporters to chip into the donation pot every time you meet or exceed your targets; or even better, get them to do it with you and double your impact – it’s for a good cause after all!!

SURPRISE US! – climb Mt Kosciuszko, trek the Larapinta trail, learn to play the piano – whatever gets you fired up about helping people in need and gets your following (family, friends, mum, dad, etc)  happily donating ….

We’d LOVE to hear about your fundraising plans! Please get in touch to discuss and register your event / fundraising activity.

Things to note:

  • One Meal will not be liable for loss, damage or injury sustained in relation to your fundraising activity
  • The use of the “One Meal” name and/or logo must be approved prior to use in materials used to promote your activity. Please ensure you seek approval via email before you begin any fundraising on our behalf.
  • Your fundraisers should make clear how the funds will be raised – e.g: a pledged amount per item sold; or a percentage of takings pledged to go to One Meal – It Makes a Difference; or all funds raised will be donated to One Meal
  • Funds raised must be forwarded to One Meal as soon as practicable after your event (via the Give Now platform, direct deposit to our bank account or by alternative arrangements).