One Meal Medical

One Meal Medical provides a basic, visible, easily accessible and non-judgemental medical health service, free of cost, to the marginalised, disadvantaged and homeless people in our community.

The service is currently offered along-side our meal service at Gilbert Park, Manly, every Sunday at 5pm. One Meal Medical operates on a drop in/walk-in basis. Wait times may vary.

One Meal Medical is currently in its infancy however roll out to other service locations is planned over the coming months.

One Meal Medical aims to care for those members of our community who for any reasons may not access mainstream general practice.

Expect One Meal Medical at a service near you soon.


One Meal Medical can provide the following:

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Diabetes checks
  • Supply and change dressings and wound cleans

One Meal Medical is staffed by volunteer Doctors, Nurses, and Ambulance officers. It provides a challenging and rewarding environment for health professionals.

Health professionals wishing know more about, or to volunteer for One Meal Medical, please enquire by email at


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