One Meal Pathways

The One Meal Pathways program works to connect interested business sponsors with our patrons. The program seeks to support both the sponsor organisation and the potential new employee.

The support provided typically covers costs associated with training, uniforms and any initial transport costs, however each case is managed individually with the needs both the organisation and the patron in mind.

The One Meal Pathways program aims to support the transition of an individual from dependence to employment and independence – a rewarding journey for all concerned.

Whilst this program is primarily targeted at business sponsors with whom we have an existing relationship (we are not looking to be an employment agency), if you are interested in employing someone who may be struggling (within an area in which we operate), please get in touch.

This program emerged out of our broader activities. It is relatively new in a formal sense, but has already achieved success with three people transitioned into work in the last six months.

Whilst much of One Meals work provides for the basic needs of those who are struggling or homeless, our aim is to advance the well-being, outlook on life and prospects for future independence for those with whom our programs interact.

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