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Corporate Partners

One Meal is extremely appreciative of the generous support from business, large and small to our work.

Some of Australia’s leading Corporations have partnered with One Meal to help provide food to people in need. Through our unique services, One Meal can deliver benefits to your business through:

  • Cost savings – reducing your waste and land fill costs;
  • Staff engagement and motivation – through workplace giving and a range of volunteering opportunities for your employees;
  • Profile raising – By partnering with One Meal you will be linked with an organization which has had social meadia coverage to over 6 thousand people and growing at well over 300 new hits every month;
  • Celebrity Chefs – One Meal’s innovative services have been recognized by Australia’s leading chefs. These chefs often frequent our services with the One Meal team and always encourage our corporate partners to join in.

To become a partner, or discuss options such as workplace giving for your staff or volunteering opportunities for your employees please contact our Fundraising and Partnerships Manager, Diana Mackin on 0430 337 057. Fresh food growers, retailers, distributers and users have made a difference to One Meal through the donation of surplus fresh food.